Learning about Sustainability with PTC-CSJ and WWF
05 April 2022
PTC-CSJ Foundation and WWF-Philippines have again renewed their annual partnership to implement the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Project.

ESD is geared towards enabling schools and communities to identify and act in ways to achieve a more sustainable future by maintaining the balance of three pillars – the economy, society and environment.

This year’s ESD Project trained 70 teachers and held sessions with almost 1,000 students from PTC-CSJ’s 12 public elementary school partners in Muntinlupa City. The online sessions via Zoom discussed the role of education in addressing sustainability challenges, especially climate change in particular.

The WWF team also introduced Camp Kalikasan, a newly launched online digital resource center designed for environmental education. The online tool is targeted towards teachers, students, schools and the general public.

Lastly, the students learned about environment-related careers from a conservation scientist and an atmospheric scientist who shared about the work they do to help save the environment.