PTC-CSJ and WWF Implement ESD Project
23 February 2021
PTC-CSJ Foundation and WWF-Philippines have renewed their partnership this year for the new Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Project.

The ESD Project recently trained 100 teachers from PTC-CSJ’s 10 public elementary school partners in Muntinlupa City. The online sessions via Zoom discussed the sustainability challenges exposed by the pandemic especially by linking COVID 19 to issues related to the three pillars.

WWF’s ESD team shared materials, guides and tips on how teachers can integrate climate change and sustainable development issues in their lesson plans.

As well, online sessions with Grade 5 students from the 10 schools were organized. A total of 1,468 learners participated and enjoyed the interactive sessions. The one-hour sessions were held via Zoom with two schools per session.

ESD is geared toward enabling schools and communities to identify and act in ways to achieve a more sustainable future by maintaining the balance of three pillars – the economy, society and environment.