My Ship, My World 2018 Successfully Completed
October 2018
PTC-CSJ successfully completed My Ship, My World (MSMW) 2018 after a six-week implementation and three-week pilot run with 10 public elementary schools in Muntinlupa and Malabon, respectively.

The Masters of 36 ships from 12 Principals exchanged weekly emails with their respective partner-teachers. A total of 44 teachers participated by integrating and discussing their Captains’ weekly answers in Math, Science, English and Social Studies subjects.

Almost 10,000 Grades 4-6 students learned much and enjoyed their Captains’ answers, experiences and photos. They also learned geography as well by keeping track of their adopted Ship on a big world map provided by PTC-CSJ.

Results of an evaluation survey showed that almost 90% of Captains and 93% of teachers rated their overall experience as either Excellent or Very Good. Further, 90% of teachers also rated their pupils’ general reaction to the Program as either Excellent or Very Good. Further, almost all Captains (97%) and 87% of teachers said that they were willing to participate again in MSMW.

As one teacher said, “MSMW was a very good experience for us. We teachers learned a lot and the children also learned a lot. I hope that other teachers could also experience the happiness and learnings that we got from the Program.”

Lastly, a Captain shared that, “It has been a great experience participating in the Program knowing that we can inspire by sharing what we do onboard.”