MSMW 2018 Partners Recognized
December 2018
PTC Founder and International Maritime Organization (IMO) Goodwill Ambassador Carlos C. Salinas hosted recognition ceremonies on November 27 and December 11, 2018 to formally thank PTC Principals and the Department of Education (DepEd), respectively, for their valuable support and participation in My Ship, My World (MSMW) 2018.

Amb. Salinas and PTC-CSJ Foundation’s President Mrs. Carla S. Limcaoco presented Certificates of Participation to 12 PTC Principals and DepEd-Muntinlupa and DepEd-Malabon’s Superintendents, 10 School Heads and 44 teachers who were all part of MSMW 2018’s successful implementation.

In his Welcome Remarks, Amb. Salinas lauded DepEd’s critical support that enabled almost 10,000 Grades 4-6 public school pupils in the two cities to learn about ships and shipping and the shipping industry’s indispensable role in world trade.

As well, Amb. Salinas thanked PTC’s 12 Principals and their cumulative 36 ships whose Masters participated in MSMW 2018.

Amb. Salinas, Mrs. Limcaoco and PTC-CSJ’s Executive Director Ms. Flory A. Tabio were joined at the ceremonies by PTC’s CEO Mr. Gerardo A. Borromeo, COO Mr. Edgar Dominic C. Milla, and VP for Crewing Operations Capt. Stan Santiago.

My Ship, My World is part of the global Adopt-A-Ship Program that is implemented in other countries including Poland, India, USA, Greece and Cyprus where the Program was initiated.